Nibby Press is a letterpress studio based in beautiful Northern California
that focuses on process and experimentation.

Color and nature serve as inspiration, while the wonderful restrictions of letterpress printing push and challenge the work. The restraints create something special and beautiful, as no two letterpress prints are exactly alike. Isn't that wonderful?

With a love to experiment on-press, Nibby creates striking visuals that reference love for color, texture and fine lines.

All products are handcranked on a Vandercook press and assembled in California, with hand-mixed ink, handcrafted details and 100% cotton or recycled paper.

Nibby Press specializes in invitation and stationery design, with a penchant for working with other creatives and members of the food industry.

Sara & Nibby

Sara Silva is owner, designer and printer of Nibby Press. She likes long walks on the beach, horses, invertebrates, coffee and cheese. She's also pretty obsessed with vintage science and nature books.

Born and raised in the Northern California, Sara moved to Santa Barbara for school and was forever changed. The incredible diversity in California: the clash of nature and man, the mountains and the sea, the food (omg, the food!) have all shaped and inspired Sara.

It was kismet that she found letterpress printing, and she is grateful for stumbling upon it. She knows the importance of speaking sweetly to Vandercook presses and taking dark chocolate breaks.

The name Nibby was a nickname for Sara's grandfather, a man she admires.


sara-jelly 2.jpg
Sara & her horse Patrick at Horse Camp in Vina, California.

Sara & her horse Patrick at Horse Camp in Vina, California.

Nibby (circled) in the Navy during WWII.

Nibby (circled) in the Navy during WWII.